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The midfielder of Barcelona Andres Iniesta told that he may make friends with Pepe, who was the linebacker of Real Madrid.
Andres Iniesta Said with a Smile that He Did Not Hate Pepe and Hope for More Attention in Youth Coaching
The linebacker of Real Madrid Pepe has had matters for a long time. Except the recent "Ridiculing Scandal" with Levante in game, he has had a war of words with the midfielder of Barcelona Andres Iniesta in a prior game of this season.
But recently Andres Iniesta said that he would like to let the past things go, and they can still be friends.
"Can I make friends with Pepe?Why not? I did not like him before, while things have changed. Everything is possible now. "The midfielder of Barcelona told in SportYou magazine.
As for the early dispute between Messi and Villa in game, Andres Iniesta stressed that it would not affect the relationship in players.
"It is common to see disagreement in field as everyone has in work" Andres Iniesta said.
Andres Iniesta also proposed his opinion on Youth Coaching, one of the hot issues in the Spanish football recently."Each club has its own feature. I am so lucky to get to where I am today through Youth Coaching. I think the most important thing is people’s trust in Youth Coaching, otherwise Youth Coaching will be meaningless"

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