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Chelsea Paid the Goal in Terry's Injury, Suarez Saved Liverpool

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Though Chelsea scored a ball firstly, they paid the price by Terry's badly off. Liverpool subsequently relied on Suarez's goal to tie the score. After tied by the Red Army, the Blues are now ranking in the third place in the standings.

Chelsea Paid the Goal in Terry's Injury, Suarez Saved Liverpool

The 2012/13 Premier League 11th round's focal game between home Chelsea and visitor Liverpool has closed the curtain at Stamford Bridge. In 20 minutes, Chelsea broke the deadlock, thanks to captain John Terry headed Juan Mata's right corner into the goal corner, and Liverpool 0-1 behind.
While in 73 minutes, Liverpool equalized the score, when Jamie Carragher crossed Fernandez Saez's right corner followed by Suarez's header made contribute, the score turned to 1-1! And that was also his eighth ball in the league this season.
Thus one goal leading Chelsea were tied by Liverpool in 1-1, which made them to slip to the third place in the standings, with 3 points behind the top Manchester United.
The game is the 164th encounter between the two clubs in history, Chelsea make a record of 57 wins, 33 draws and 74 losses before this, which is in the absolute disadvantage, including league performance of 46 wins, 28 draws and 64 defeats.
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