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David Silva has been recuperated since he had a hamstring in an international game in October. Now he has already resumed training and finally may return in an English Premier League focus war on weekend

Manchester City Key Player David Silva Will Back from Injury
Manchester City striker David Silva has resumed the regular training. If everything goes well, he will back in the game against Tottenham Hotspur this weekend.
Owing to hamstring damaging in an international game, David Silva has been recovering. And at present Manchester City has confirmed David Silva’s condition has reached the level to play Premier League this weekend.
Even though the 2-2 draw against Ajax made it difficult for Manchester City to qualify in Champions League, the coach Roberto Mancini didn’t run a risk to start David Silva. The Italian had ever hinted that the Premier League game on this weekend is the best timing for Silva to return.
Before that the recovering of Silva is not optimistic, because the team doctors regarded his injury would reappear. But the Spain international is recovering well so far and back to training in Carrington.
“He is preparing for the game against Tottenham Hotspur, and he may play the whole match.” Mancini said in an interview prior to the Champions League game on weekend.
“Silva’s fixture is too intensive. He has kept 1 game appearance in 3 days during the past three years. Till the time needs rest, he has to play international games along with national team in different country. Players need a break. They will definitely get hurt in such dense game fixture.”
David Silva has played 10 games in all competition this season, but his performance in Premier League is not as eye-catching as last season.

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