Messi Broke Pele’s Record, Pique Felt Good in Recovery

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Barcelona defender Pique finally back in weekend's league after two months recuperating, and he played the full 90 minutes match.
Messi Broke Pele’s Record, Pique Felt Good in Recovery

Barcelona visited Mallorca in weekend's league competition, by virtue of the goals of Xavi, Cristian Tello Herrera and Lionel Messi, Barca beat their opponent in 4-2.
Team star striker Lionel Messi's two goals in the game broke the annual goal record maintained by Pele, which made him a a major focus of the game. But there was also another concern, that was Barcelona defender Gerard Pique.
Injured in September's Champions League game against Spartak Moscow, Pique was in sidelined state for the past two months. The Mallorca clash was his first time to be listed in the team's starting lineup in two months, and he completed the full match.
After the match, Pique expressed his satisfaction with his recovery condition.
"I feel good. Typically, If a player did not participate in the game for a long time, he would have a certain degree of worry about his own fitness, but I feel very good today."
"I am also very pleased that the team can win the game, in the second half, we always felt the pressure from the opponent, but we still overwhelmed at last."
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