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After Manchester United has decided the group first place ahead of time, progressing to last 16, the chief coach Ferguson aroused his spirit and wished to equal even surmount the record of Liverpool who had achieved 5 Champions League Cups.

Ferguson Wished to Surmount Liverpool, Saying that Three Champions League Cups are not enough

Different from last year’s ignominious out,Manchester United made a comeback 3-1 win over Braga away from home. This team has decided the group first place ahead of two in this season. Moreover, Manchester United was also the only team that has achieved complete victory after four rounds of games.

Ferguson has been the chief coach of Manchester United for 26 years. He helped the Reds gain the second and the third Champions League Cup and has won more League titles than Liverpool. However, ambitious Ferguson was not satisfied with recent achievement. Now he was targeting the Champions League, wishing to surmount Liverpool’s record.

The Scotch said in the interview that:” Manchester United worth more Champions League Cup as to our standing, at least not less than Liverpool (5), Ajax (4) and Bayern Munich(4).. Although AC Milan and Real Madrid have more advantages than other teams, I feel more motivated.”

In fact, Manchester United played well in recent seasons in Champions League and reached the final in 2009 and 2011, which allowed them to win. Unfortunately, they were all defeated by strong Barcelona. People were moved by Ferguson’s trembling hands at that time.

“Every time I think of the chance we have missed, I always feel extremely sad, but we should not be too greedy. After all, we reached the final for three times and all have won the final victory before then. Putting it another way, I have totally got 2 Champions League Cup and 1 Cup Winners Cup during my career life. I am proud of what I have achieved”
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