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Ecuador vs Germany 2-4 Highlights 2013 Friendly Valencia Bender Ayovi Podolski Goals Video

Ecuador vs Germany 2013 ( Ecuador Germany Friendly VIDEO BELOW)
Final score and result:- Ecuador vs Germany 2-4 ( Valencia, Ayovi/ Bender*2, Podolski*2)
FAU Stadium, Boca Raton, FL- 29 May, 2013- International Friendly- 19.30 UK- 29/5/13- Wednesday
Lukas Podolski and Lars Bender score two each as Germany’s first half blitzkrieg sees them beat Ecuador 4-2 in Miami. Podolski netted the first after just nine seconds.
Ecuador Germany 0-1 ( Lukas Podolski goal vs Ecuador 1′)
Ecuador Germany 0-2 ( Lars Bender goal vs Ecuador 4′)
Ecuador Germany 0-3 ( Lukas Podolski goal vs Ecuador 17′)
Ecuador Germany 0-4 ( Lars Bender goal vs Ecuador 24′)
Ecuador vs Germany 1-4 ( Antonio Valencia goal vs Germany 45′)
Ecuador vs Germany 2-4 ( Ayovi goal vs Germany 84′)
( Credits of this Ecuador Germany 2013 Highlights Video with uploaders)
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