Roberto Mancini was satisfied with his team who had completed the reversal in game. He emphasized that the most important thing is to keep neck and neck with Manchester United and Chelsea

Roberto Mancini was satisfied with his team which had won three points

In the focal game of English Premier League, Manchester City defeated Tottenham Hotspur with the score of 2-1, which made Manchester City surmount Chelsea who had a draw with Liverpool. Moreover, Manchester City has reached the second on the scoreboard. Roberto Mancini was satisfied with the victory of his team after the game; he thought that it was important to keep top on the scoreboard.
Steven Caulker opened the score for Tottenham Hotspur, but the substitute Edin Dzeko of Manchester City completed a reversal at the end of the game, which help his team win the game.
Roberto Mancini was greatly pleased when Manchester City gained three points with the current lack of core team player at home."The three points mean too much to us, for it is important to reach top of scoreboard with Manchester United and Chelsea. We think our team has showed great sportsmanship today." He told Man City official website.
"In a long season, there is always time when you are unsatisfied with the team’s performance. The team may drop the ball that they shouldn’t have this year or they lacked some core team players like today. It is important that you should keep calm and keep trying at this moment." Roberto Mancini said.
"Edin Dzeko deserved that goal today. I was glad for him. I hope that he will keep trying to score when he is in starting squad." Roberto Mancini said.

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