Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho insists he doesn’t need the support of fans to do his job.
Mourinho was booed during victory over Real Sociedad after again starting the game with Iker Casillas on the bench.
He responded afterwards: “It was to because Casillas was sat out and could also be due to the fact that we are not close to our objectives in the championship. Some people applaud us regardless of performance, but I think I should be applauded or whistled depending on the performance.
“This season in the championship, in relation to last year, we are having a bad time of it and it seems normal to me to whistle and this is how I like to live. I do not like to always be in a comfortable situation and be a hero forever. If I was whistled for the decision to leave out Iker, fine. And if I was whistled for bad performances in the league then I accept it.
“Perfect, that they whistle when they hear my name and that they help the team during the match as they have done, perfect.”
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