Frank Lampard the Master Midfielder

Lampard Chelsea
Chelsea’s all time second highest goalscorer, only three shy of first, was given rest for Thursday night’s Europa League second leg against Sparta Praha and rightly so. Before the Sparta game he plied his services for the team in every game in this 2013 year. And keeping the Manchester City game in mind, he was rested. But his presence on the pitch was vastly missed in that Sparta game.

If you watch the games regularly you would be forced to believe that Frank is our midfield maestro. There are many qualities that singles him out of everyone. His passing, positioning and timing is just fascinating. Its true that the likes of Hazard and Mata are better at the talents and skills part, but none is better than Lampard in leading and character. Frank is the organizer of our whole team. He not only positions himself on the pitch but tells others where to be and what to do. If you observe him closely while he plays you would notice that he is always looking side to side, looking everywhere. He is like scanning the whole pitch and then calls on to others and tell others where to be. In football, we see players makes mistakes in positioning themselves, failing to decide what to do in certain situations. What we see in Frank is rather special. Anyway, if you are thinking of indulging yourself in betting, you should do you research. Look up the stats of the teams playing and be sure to check  the sports betting lines at from time to time before you make any betting decisions.

It was obvious that our midfield was a mess in the major parts of the game against Sparta Praha. The opponents were dictating the midfield and were making slick passes, only because our players’ positioning in certain situations was not good enough. Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m not implying that the rest of our squad is not efficient. Our players are talented and skilled. They can understand how games go on. What I am implying is that Frank is better in guiding our team because of his experience and if Frank is on the pitch, it is a major advantage for the other players because he always tell everyone what to do. He is the manager on the pitch. Many coaches and many footballing experts have praised Frank for this quality. We see a very unique character in him. This maybe his last season for him at Chelsea. If we lose him, it would be a great loss for us. And if he joins some other Premier League team, it would be an even greater loss because that team would gain what we had lost and we will have to play against him. Now, I’d never want to see that happen.

Nevertheless, Frank is a man who is destined for greatness. If we sell him, he deserves to be in a good team. He is just three goals short of equalling Chelsea’s all time highest goalscorer record. I wish he achieves that honour and it turns out to be a good thing for him and for the club.
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