Following the Champions League quarterfinal draw in Nyon, Switzerland, PSG director of football Leonardo conducted an interview with Sky Italia to discuss his side match-up against Barcelona.

Leonardo had a bit of a surprise planned though, and during the interview, he asked his girlfriend, Sky Italia presenter Anna Billo, to marry him.
His timing was a bit better than former France manager Raymond Domenech’s attempt at the same move after his side was eliminated from Euro 2008, but the question still caught Billo off guard in the Sky Italia studio.
Leonardo was prompted by being asked if he had any questions of his own, to which he replied, “Anna, will you marry me?”
Billo broke out in nervous laughter and tried to hurry along, saying, “What kind of question is that? OK. Let’s move on.” Leo then asked if that was a yes and she replied, “OK, yes! We’ll talk at home, thank you.”
“But is that a yes or no?” asked one of the in-studio pundits. “OK,” she said again, blushing.
“Alright then, let’s have a ceremony in Milan and Brazil,” former Milan player and Brazil international Leonardo suggested. Finally, the interview ended and Billo concluded by laughing and saying, “It’s crazy.”

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