Video- Lionel Messi goal vs Athletic Bilbao Barca April 2013

This stunning Lionel Messi goal vs Athletic Bilbao saw the Argentine again show signs of his best after a quiet outing in midweek against Bayern Munich. Messi’s goal vs Athletic Bilbao was Barca’s first goal in their clash against the Basque club on April 27th, 2013.
Video- Messi goal v Bilbao- Athletic 1-1 Barca ( Messi 67′ goal)
The Argentine weaved his way past a crowd of Bilbao defenders before scoring.
And here is Ray Hudson’s reaction to Messi’s superb individual goal while commentating.
“He emasculates them individually, collectively. He literally disperses his atoms on one side of this defender and picks them up on the other”
Bit OTT probably, but people love Ray for that kind of commentary.
( Credits of this Messi goal vs Athletic Bilbao with uploaders)

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