ONE Campaign against Poverty

Dear Reader,
You've heard the goal: end extreme poverty by 2030. So next week, we're launching one of the biggest projects we've done in years to get us one step closer to achieving it: agit8.
You'll get to see some big names in music (and lots of talented up-and-coming artists) put their spin on some of the greatest protest songs of all time. AND you'll get to listen, create, share and vote for incredible music and videos.
We haven't told a soul about this project yet - but we count on you a LOT. And you've never let us down. So we wanted to make sure you heard about agit8 first.
We really need your help to spread the word.
Sign up here:
Here's how it works:
  • This is the message we need help sharing: "Think music can change the world? The ONE Campaign presents agit8: iconic #protestsongs by top global artists"
  • Click the orange bubble on the black "spread the word" button here and pick how you'd like to share: Facebook or Twitter or BOTH (your choice)
  • If we get 500 of our top ONE members to sign up to share, then this message will get posted on everyone's accounts on exactly the same day at exactly the same time.
Let's kick this project off with a bang. This is a huge moment to try and bring hundreds of thousands of new people into the fight against extreme poverty. So thanks for your help!
Saira O'Mallie,

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