Spain vs Tahiti 10-0 Confederations Cup 2013 Highlights Torres four goals Villa hat trick Mata Silva Goals Video

Spain vs Tahiti 2013 ( Espana Tahiti VIDEO BELOW)
Final score and result:- Spain vs Tahiti 10-0 ( Torres*4, Villa*3, Silva*2, Mata)
Estadio Maracana- Confederations Cup Group B- 20 June, 2013- 20.00 UK- 20/6/13 KO- Thursday
Fernando Torres and David Villa score seven between them as Spain thrash hapless Tahiti 10-0 at the Maracana. Torres however did miss a penalty that would have seen him end the game with five goals to his name
Spain vs Tahiti 1-0 ( Fernando Torres goal vs Tahiti 5′)
Spain Tahiti 2-0 ( David Silva goal vs Tahiti 31′)
Spain vs Tahiti 3-0 ( Fernando Torres goal vs Tahiti 33′)
Spain vs Tahiti 4-0 ( David Villa goal vs Tahiti 39′)
Spain vs Tahiti 5-0 ( David Villa second goal vs Tahiti 49′)
Spain vs Tahiti 6-0 ( Fernando Torres goal vs Tahiti 57′)
Spain v Tahiti 7-0 ( David Villa goal vs Tahiti 64′)
Spain Tahiti 8-0 ( Mata goal vs Tahiti 66′)
Spain vs Tahiti 9-0 ( Fernando Torres goal vs Tahiti 78′)
Spain vs Tahiti 10-0 ( David Silva goal vs Tahiti 89′)
Spain v Tahiti 2013 Confederations Cup attendance:- 71, 806 ( Referee- Haimoudi)
Espana starting lineup vs Tahiti Confederations Cup 2013:- Reina, Azpilicueta, Ramos, Albiol, Monreal, J Martinez, Cazorla, Silva, Mata, Villa, Torres
Tahiti starting XI vs Spain 2013 Confed Cup:- Roche, Lemaire, Ludivion, Vallar, Jonathan Tehau, Aitamai, Bourebare, Caroine, Vahirua, Chong Hue, Alvin Tehau
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