Panama vs Mexico 2013 Copa Oro Semifinal Goals 2-1 Highlights Perez Torres Montes Video

Panama vs Mexico 2013 ( Panama Mexico VIDEO BELOW)
Final score and result:- Panama vs Mexico 2-1 ( Perez, Torres/ Montes)
Cowboys Stadium, Arlington- 2013 Copa Oro Semifinal- 24 July, 2013- 24/7/13
Panama stun Mexico for the second time in the 2013 Gold Cup as they book a final meeting with the United States
Panama Mexico 1-0 ( Perez goal vs Mexico 13′)
Panama vs Mexico 1-1 ( Montes goal v Panama 26′)
Panama vs Mexico 2-1 ( Torres goal vs Mexico 61′)
( Credits of this Panama Mexico 2013 Highlights Video with uploaders)

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