English Premier League - Preview and Relegation Predictions

The English Premier League has been full of surprises and thrill, Manchester United walked away comfortably with the Primer League title, unchallenged by new giants Manchester City by a 11 point gap, but as witnessed in the 2012 season, in the penultimate game where Manchester City pipped Manchester United in the final moments to clinch the Barclay's English Premier League title. Placing bets gets tougher unless you have a guide or a reviewer to help you make informed decision and placing bets.

It seems that a year doesn't go by that a sportsbook doesn't shut down or leaving a certain market. Because of the volatility in the market, it more necessary today than every to find a reviewer that has survived these trying times. It needs in depth experience and acute analysis to bring the true picture of betting sites and help you in placing smart bets. But, if you are not comfortable placing bets try castlejackpot.com, where you can play MegaJackpots and are a certain winner. The best thing about the  game is that it is not only an entertaining and a suspense game but you can also become millionaire by playing this game. Most of my friends are updating their status on facebook how much they earned and the experience of the game.

As is the trend, two out of the three promoted teams are heavily predicted to go down immediately. Following that trend, I would choose Cardiff City and Crystal Palace to get relegated while Hull City to survive, as they has past premier league experience . The final relegation spot could be shared between the last years survivors Sunderland, Stoke City, or Newcastle United. I would pick Sunderland, simply because none of the others around them have had a transfer window as busy as they have. Stoke City are slowly moving on from route one football, while Newcastle are getting rid of the garb.Never the less I am looking forward to another fun filled , action packed and a thrilling football season and hope a new winner emerges, to write their names in the history books.

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