AC Milan's New Proposed Stadium

AC Milan have taken their first steps to building their own stadium after expressing an interest in the site of the 2015 World Fair.

The club are the latest Italian team to look into owning their own ground after Juventus unveiled their own in Spetember 2011.

Roberto Maroni, president of the Lombardy region of Italy dropped a hint about the future of the “Expo 2015″ site in Milan, telling reporters to “think of a city of sport”.

The site is currently being constructed to host the famous event, a public exhibition that varies in style that is held in different parts of the world every two or three years.

Luciano Pilotti, chairman of the Arexpo company that owns the site confirmed that he had received a confirmation of interest from AC Milan regarding the site at a meeting held between the two parties.

More discussions are expected to be held over the coming months.

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