Will Portugal Qualify to the Last 16 ?

The United States of America were denied, guaranteed place in the knockout round of the World Cup on Sunday in the cruelest fashion possible, but, that's what football is all about.A header from Portugal's Silvestre Varela in the final seconds of stoppage time another addition in World Cup group stage history. The game ensured a thrilling contest ended in a 2-2 tie instead of a dream victory for the Americans and a place at the top of Group G.The clock ticked as an upset awaited , Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrated why he is best player in the world sending a perfect cross that found the fast advancing Varela for the equalizing goal.
After fighting back from an early deficit to move ahead in the second half, then hold on for dear life for all but the precious ultimate moments, it was a heart breaking blow for Jurgen Klinsmann and his side.

Below are FiestaFootball odds to advance, see odds here for group stages:
- Germany: 99.7 percent
- United States: 75.8 percent
- Ghana: 19.1 percent
- Portugal: 5.4 percent

Remaining fixtures:
U.S.A vs Germany
Portugal vs Ghana

Simplest Scenarios
- Germany: Advance with win/draw vs. USA
- United States: Advance with win/draw vs. GER
- Portugal: Advance with win vs. GHA AND GER/USA do not tie, IF POR wins tiebreak with loser (see below)
- Ghana: Advance with win vs. POR AND GER/USA do not tie, IF GHA wins tiebreak with loser (see below)

If the United States loses, Ghana would qualify instead if either game is decided by a margin of two goals or more. If the U.S.A loses by one goal, Ghana would need to win by two goals or be involved in a high scoring one goal win. For instance, a 1-0 scoreline in both games would put the United States through on head-to-head. So, if the U.S. loses 1-0, then Ghana must win 2-1 to qualify on goals scored.

To surpass the U.S.A, Portugal will need a goal-difference swing of five (head-to-head is level). So for instance, Portugal would need to win 3-0 and U.S. lose 2-0, among other equivalent scorelines. The teams will draw lots if goal difference is identical (this would happen with a 3-0 U.S.A defeat and a 2-0 Portugal win, for example).

Lets wait for Thursday thriller, will the Portuguese qualify , U.S.A holds up Germany or Ghana beats all odds to qualify, this World Cup has been a box of surprises .

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