A newcomer’s guide to online betting

As a football fan you are both passionate and well informed about your team and most other teams in your division and this is something that you can use to your advantage. Unlike casino gaming, sports betting requires careful analysis and this is why more people are moving to sports betting as a way to win some extra cash - it is easier to beat the system.

This guide is written to provide first timers with some advice on how to bet online so if you have not placed a bet on your team but are keen to do so, read on.

Betting on a footy game is very appealing to many people because you are most likely already planning to watch the match or follow it on the radio and placing a few strategic bets can make the game even more exciting. Also, there is the pure, unrivalled joy you feel if you and your team win a match.

Online betting has exploded in the last decade after governments brought in new regulations to allow casinos and betting shops to operate on the Internet. Many online casinos now offer sports betting opportunities alongside more traditional casino gaming. Because of the vast number of casinos that are now operating online it can be difficult for a newcomer to navigate their way to the ones that provide betting on the sports of interest. Fortunately, there are some very good websites that provide a breakdown of the features of each online casino.

Betting on football matches goes far beyond a simple bet on which team will win. You can place bets on the total number of goals, the time of the first goal, the first goal scorer, the number of goalkeeper saves, the number of throw-ins and corners and even if a player will be sent off.

Some bookmakers will give a price on most eventualities and this is where you can use your knowledge of your team and its past performance to your advantage. For example, you may know that your team plays a more aggressive game in the second half and can therefore bet on fouls committed, or that the defense is currently performing badly and this will result in more throw-ins or corner kicks.

Most betting platforms require you to make a deposit to get started; if several platforms provide the sports betting that you are interested in, take the time to check to see if any are offering cash bonuses on deposits.

When you start betting try to remember that you are there for your specific sports betting; try not to get carried away and gamble some money on the casino games, save your bets for the sports that you are knowledgeable about.

Sports betting is a great way to make football more interesting. Placing a few bets on the outcome of a game can make the game more interesting to follow and if you encourage friends to place bets you can compete with each other even if supporting the same team. Who will pick the first scorer or correctly predict the final score? Make watching football with friends even more fun by placing a few bets and seeing who can win the most cash.

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