Challenge to find Arsene Wenger’s successor

Former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein says the club face a massive challenge planning for Arsene Wenger’s successor.

Given the near-total revolution Wenger has overseen in his time at the club, Dein warned of how hard that task will prove.
“It is very difficult to talk about succession planning when a manager has just been given a contract for three years,” he told the London Evening Standard.
“In the modern game, no sooner has a manager signed a contract then within a year they will probably be out of a job! Who knows what will happen in three years’ time?
“It is very difficult when you have got someone with such a big personality as Arsene, it is very difficult to think about replacing him.
“I’ve always said that Arsene won’t be a difficult act to follow, he will be an impossible act to follow. For what he has achieved, he has left his mark on Arsenal forever.”

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