Arsenal have had 25 injuries this season, the most in the Premier League

Arsene Wenger feels his team have paid the price in injuries for having players at the World Cup and the qualifying stages of the Champions League.

But Wenger, who appointed Shad Forsythe as the club’s head of athletic performance in the summer, said the problems were not down to issues with his team’s preparations or conditioning.
“We have to consider every injury individually. Most of the injuries we’ve had are joint problems and accidental problems and there are post-World Cup traumatic injuries,” said the Frenchman.
“The only muscular problems we have had consistently this year are Arteta and Ramsey. Ramsey is quite surprising because he’s young and has good stamina and we haven’t really found out why.
“Let’s not forget, we’ve played eight Champions League games since the start of the season and when your bodies are not really prepared and you go Wednesday night to Besiktas and Saturday to Sunderland, it’s demanding.
“Is that the only explanation? I don’t know but I cannot deny that we’ve had more injuries than planned.”
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