Galatasaray v Arsenal 2014 Manager Quotes

Hamza Hamzaolu (Galatasary): “Our goal will not just stop our opponent. We want to find the opportunity to test ourselves at this level. We’ll try to pressure Arsenal up front and not let them get up the field easily. If Arsenal react well to our pressing, then we’ll be strong in the defence and aim for a counter-attack.”

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal): “Look, the response after a defeat is always very important. We showed a lack of experience defensively (at Stoke), but we could have scored four or five goals in this game and the team response during this game was quite strong.”For the rest, you expect that everyone is disappointed after that result, but the Premier League is difficult. We want to be judged at the end of the season, not after every single game where it is normal that emotion is always very high, so let us get our stability back defensively and see at the end of the season where we are.”

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