John Terry Agrees New Contract with Chelsea

The 34-year-old nearing the end of his career, his manager is keen to ensure he stays at the club.

"Every individual is an individual," Mourinho said. ‘There are old players at the age of 22. I know some — 22 and old.
"I know young guys at 36 or 37. John is one of them. I had Javier Zanetti at Inter who was already 37. When the other guys came after a day off from training, he’d run from his home to burn the energy from his day off.

"I don’t know (how long Terry can play). You never know when. The important thing is that, tomorrow, it’s the next match and he’s in great condition to play."
In the Benitez reign, Terry was constantly said to have been troubled by back problems, but he has been playing like he is 10 years younger this campaign.
Mourinho said: "He had a period here of so many doubts, question marks: Is he still the same player? Can he play at this level? Is he fit? Will he play or be in the stands?
"Then, suddenly, the happiness arrives and look at him. The most important thing of everything is to be happy.
"I read once a famous neurologist who said, 'We docs always say do some exercise, eat properly, be careful with salt, be careful with this protein, but we forget to tell people the most important thing. Be happy.' I think John is this.
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