Wenger sympathised with Gabriel’s communication difficulties and added that not understanding the local language can actually have an advantage.

The 24-year-old centre-half joined from Spanish club Villarreal last month.

Wenger previously said that Gabriel’s poor English could cost his side goals.

“When you don’t speak English and you don’t understand ‘Come out, come back, right, left’, it is a problem for a defender,” Wenger said.

“You need to know the key words. Offside. Referee. Foul.”

“The players are always under tremendous pressure because everything they do is analysed by the pundits and the press,” Wenger said.

“The modern player has to live with that – resistance to stress has to be stronger than it was 10 years ago.

“He (Gabriel) will not read the press. He will just focus on his game – that is one of the advantages.

“When I was in Japan, people could say what they wanted.”

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