Jack Wilshere is “not a smoker”

 Jack Wilshere is “not a smoker” ? after a picture emerged on social media of the midfielder holding a shisha pipe.

A picture of Wilshere, reported to be from when he attended a London nightclub during last week, was uploaded to Instagram, before being removed, but was then subsequently reposted on Twitter, sparking much debate across social media as to the player’s behaviour.

PA Sport reports that Arsenal are aware of the photos and are looking into the incident – with a hefty fine expected. The club takes a dim view on players smoking, as backed up by recent comments from manager Arsene Wenger; with Wojciech Szczesny reportedly fined £25,000 for smoking after a match last year, repeat-offender Wilshere can expect at least that treatment.

The Frenchman said the 23 year old had apologised, but added: “One second of your life does not define who you are.

“He is not a smoker. He is sorry about what happened but he has to master his own life.”

At Friday’s news conference ahead of Saturday’s north London derby against Tottenham, Wenger said: “This photo has been taken at half past 12 after the Super Bowl. I don’t know what happened really. Away from the club, it is his responsibility to master his life.

“Today, everywhere you go people make photos, but one second of your life does not define who you are.”

Keown wrote in the Daily Mail: “I believe it is time to start educating Jack Wilshere after his latest smoking incident.

“He needs somebody explaining to him how to behave.

“If he was smoking that pipe, even if it doesn’t do him any serious damage as a player… well, I wouldn’t put myself in that position.

“Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has already lost his place over a smoking issue so you would never dream of being seen with something — cigarette, shisha, lager, anything.

“Being in the team should mean so much to you, and is such a reward for all your efforts, that it’s not worth that risk.”

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