Bafetimbi Gomis recovers and is well after Tottenham vs Swansea game 2015

Gomis collapsing at Spurs (VIDEO BELOW) brought back memories of the Fabrice Muamba incident at the same ground during Swansea’s game vs Tottenham on March 4, 2015. Gomis fainted on the ground due to his vasovagal condition (low blood pressure) and was stretchered off and given oxygen. He regained consciousness later and indicated that he had recovered and “was well”

Monk said that it was the first time that Gomis had done so at Swansea. The 29-year-old joined the club in the summer of last year. “Obviously with the history at this ground it’s a bit of panic,” Monk said, with reference to Muamba. “But coming off the pitch, he was fine. He was talking and he actually wanted to stay on the pitch. It’s something that we’re well aware of and it’s part of his history. He’s had every single medical check that you can possibly have, and he’s fine. It’s just part of his life.
“It’s to do with low blood pressure. It’s something that he lives with [for] his whole life so it’s no problems, whatsoever.

“I think it looks worse than what it actually is. Of course, there is relief.

“There is always concern when anything like that happens. We’ve sent him away to the hospital just to double-check everything.

“There are precautions put in place but he’s had it throughout his life. We were well aware of that when we signed him. Bafe lives his life how he lives his life. Had the medical side said that it was a risk or a high-risk, I’m sure Bafe wouldn’t be playing football.

“We have done all our own tests, every precaution we could take and it’s fully acceptable. It doesn’t happen very often. It’s not as if it happens every day or every week. It happens throughout his life, at certain points. He is more than comfortable in how he deals with it. He could play in the next game, no problem whatsoever.”

For Mauricio Pochettino, the Tottenham manager, the incident stirred uncomfortable memories of when his Espanyol team-mate, Óscar García, swallowed his tongue during a match in 2001. “A lot of years ago, I had the same problem with Óscar García, who went on to manage Watford and Brighton,” Pochettino said.

“It’s a difficult moment because it’s your life. Football is not important when something like that happens. I was a player on the pitch when Óscar García fell. It was the same situation but he was OK.”
What happened -- 
Dailymotion- English commentary
Tottenham v Swansea 1-0 (Gomis collapses 8′)
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