Create the ultimate sports room for the optimum sporting experience

With sports being such a major part of many people's lives yet opportunities to attend live sporting events sometimes cost or time prohibitive, sports lovers who want to be up close to the action can instead create their own specialized space for watching sports events right in the comfort of their homes.

Here are some ideas for the ultimate sports room to give fans the best sporting experience they can have, aside from seeing the real thing while in the stands at a live event.

Where to create a sports room?

Ideally, a sports room needs plenty of space. A small, cramped space simply won't create the right atmosphere on game day. It can be hard to identify the right room, especially if there's a family to consider as well, but a basement makes for the perfect place to set up a sports den.

For a start, chances are there will be no windows, or at least maybe only a small one that can easily be covered over to prevent light from coming in. If a basement is not available, choose a good-sized room so that it's easy to accommodate friends and like-minded family members without feeling too cramped.

Chairs should be comfortable, preferably with places to hold drinks and snacks so that it's easy to refuel. Add a good carpet – wood floors could cause acoustic problems as sound bounces off the floor surface, walls and ceilings – and put up pictures of favorite sports stars. Football fans will look to their own teams for inspiration and can include teamcolors, banners and other memorabilia.

If the room has windows, then the best way to shut out light is by using windowshutters – they look good, are extremely effective and help achieve that cinematic experience every Saturday, as you get right up close to the stars.

Getting technical

When it comes to deciding on the size and type of screen, it will usually come down to budget.However, keep in mind that there are often excellent deals to be had, especially when coming up to a major soccer event such as the World Cup.

This decision will affect your overall sports viewing experience – after all, that's what the room has been designed for. There may be arguments for having a TV or a projector, and in the end it comes down to the quality of picture and sound that's wanted.

A minimum 40-42-inch screen is needed if the room is relatively small.Otherwise, the minimum size should probably be a 46-inch screen. If space and cost allows, then there are massive 65-inch TVs available for consideration. These TVs can display high quality HD and 3D images and will be able to take 4K when, and if, matches are delivered in it.

An alternative is to use a projector that will hook up to a computer or other suitable device to project high-resolution images onto a wall. With this option, having enough space to accommodate a large TV screen is less of an issue.

Living the sporting dreams

Creating the ultimate sporting experience isn't difficult, and once the space is set up with all the equipment needed, it will offer years of excitement and pleasure.

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