Its BNY Mellon vs Fin IQ in the LifeRocks Champions Cup Finals

Its BNY Mellon vs Fin IQ !
A moment to savour for the players who put so much effort into this campaign to secure the final spot in the Champions Cup Finals, which has eluded many of the teams.
A fitting finale to be played ,both the teams have been outstanding and consistent, and there was never a doubt of them not reaching the finals, since they maintained top positions in rspective groups . Fin IQ like Tata Communications Ltd are playing their first corporate tournament, and sure are excited to be playing in the finals .

IGate vs Tech Mahindra
IGate and Tech Mahindra too have emerged as teams to reckon with, with players having dazzling skill inclusive of great teamwork. Hard luck to both the teams, however, they play the Premier Cup Finals.

Barclays vs Cognizant
Barclays have surprised many, wish, they continued their form right from the start of the campaign, probably they would have been playing for Premier Cup, and, perhaps the same story with Cognizant.

Convergys vs Thermax
Both teams at the second place in their groups last week ,hoping to have played Premier Cup Finals based on their form, however, they would settle by playing the Champions Cup for the Third Place .

HSBC vs Symantec
Skill, Talent, Teamwork and Experience, they have it all , somehow it dint click for both the teams in this tournament. Historically , both teams have won major tournaments several times , this tournament has seen things turned around , both vie for the third place in Premier Cup .

Finally its 
Morpheus vs Tata Communications Ltd
All respect to the Morpheus team, the oldies have been trying to keep up with the age and injuries to keep the game alive, often starting with dominating the game, but couldn't carry till the end . Last but not the least kudos to the Tata Communications Ltd Team, this is for the first time they have participated in a corporate tournament, forming a team, taking home a lot of experience after playing with the veterans.

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