Will Things Now Turn Around For Liverpool?

In the last weeks we saw the German manage Liverpool in the Premier League, and although it is still early to say anything conclusive about it, we can still deduct a couple of things which hint whether the things will now turn around for Liverpool.
Many view this marriage of the Reds with the German as an ideal, but that is exactly the sort of thinking that every Liverpool fan should abandon if Klopp is to get the appropriate support and patience on the fans’ side. Klopp is a big bonus to any football club, and I can understand the excitement among the Reds, which is almost at the same level as when I score some good casino bonuses at mobile casinos through the Bonus Wire website. But, everyone should calm down a little.
In these several games the fans saw a small desire from the Liverpool players, which showed that they actually want to play football, but many of the problems that Rodgers had difficulties with were exposed, especially in the 1-1 draw with Rubin Kazan in the Europa League. The Russians played with ten men for nearly an hour. Liverpool’s defence was and still is inherently frail, while the attack had a lack of clinical edge.
The first thing to have in mind is that Klopp is not a miracle worker and that he will need time to turn things around as desired. The Liverpool fans have received their dose of realism after their hysteria about the new coach has subsided and most probably in these weeks since Klopp took control of the helm they have realized that the problems synonymous with the Brendan Rodgers era still haven’t gotten away.
A pressing issue that Klopp needs to resolve is the players’ decision making in the final third of the games. They are taking far too many shots outside the box and they have difficulties breaking down 10 men, which most probably Klopp has already noticed. What Klopp needs is time to make the team work and he needs his best players available at all times.
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Another problem is Philippe Coutinho’s form. Although he started good in the new season, his form has dropped since and seems to insist on his luck by shooting from the range as far as 30 yards. He may have been unsettled by Barcelona’s interest in him so he can’t seem to focus on the game, but fortunately for Liverpool, Klopp has some of the best man-management skills in football and he is able to reignite his form.
Sakho is probably the best glimmer of hope in the Liverpool squad. He has assured the fans with his commanding performances by winning all aerial duels, more than the entire team combined, and sometimes his tackles success rate is 100%. What Klopp needs to do is build the team around Sakho with him at the core. Sadly, Skrtel is becoming more and more unconvincing, so he may try to look for a way out of Liverpool.
Moving on to the midfield and Emre Can. This player is best suited as a central midfielder, but he was forced to play in much different roles. Klopp has noticed that Can is at his best when being played as a natural midfielder where he is more effective than ever, which is a good thing.
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Finally, the problems in the attack seem to arise when Daniel Sturridge is not available. Rodgers’ biggest problem was making Sturridge fully fit, which may be Klopp’s biggest problem too. With Sturridge on the pitch even Coutinho flourishes and the team has a better edge. If Sturridge continues having problems with his fitness, Klopp has to seriously look for another solution.

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