India Vs North Korea 2-5 | Goals & Full Match Highlights - HD

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Sports GOAT
Sharing thought.. there could be difference in opinion..India though lost but Igor Stimac has shown that India can play attacking football with creativity in the other half. Still long way to go but it is in the process of making which will take time. Stephen Constantin did great service to Indian football by bringing few wins and making us belief that India can do it. But, his approach was to give immdiate result by packing the defense normally with eight players and counter attack with Sunil Chettry and few others. This did not help in strengthening the defense, which is evident now as most central defenders are good in tackling and blocking but not in intercept or quickly closing the rank or transitioning from attacking to defensive formation. Igor has brought possesion based attacking football, this style demands holding skills which is self-confidence and passing skill which is confidence on the team mate. This approach will take time but good for Indian football. It also open up defense a lot which needs to be solved. Currently, Sunil Chettry, Sahal, Udanta, Changte (left winger) etc. can hold the ball but below them only Anirudh Thapa and Amarjit to some extent. Igor has to search and groom youngster who can hold mid-field like Amarjit that will reduce too much pressure from central defense. Otherwise, the ball is moving too fast from opponent box to India box quickly. So, give Igor time and give opportunity to youngsters. He has brought down the age to 18 years to play for India. That means in 3 to 4 years India will see brilliant players...

Sports GOAT
He is still finding the best possible XI, keep patience. Coach under whom players like Luca Modric trained, how difficult it will be for him to find out best players within stipulated time. Give him some time, he is insisting on passing game & it is upon our players how fast they can adopt that style of play. Result will reflect in long term.

I remember when Indians were saying that their team was the new giant coming just for beating Thailand in the Asian Cup  but it seems that Tajikistan and North Korea brought them to reality.

Rai Chamling
Shot pass r quit mistake as wl as keeper hv to improve mor n more!!..seem lik players hv no bust!!..y don’t our coach visit or recruit from North east I.e Manipur Mizoram Nagaland n so on thr r mny good players!!..looking for opportunities

Football World HD
kal ka match ekdm bkwaas tah..keeper,mid fielder, defence, saab gatiya hai..this thing should b change..dheeraj singh mst be the keeper of india and many youngster like komal etc must be on playing11..present playing 11 will never made it to quarter final of this tournament nor this team will qualify for the world cup..

Football World HD
Defence is pathetic, should give ILeague players a fair chance as well...

Finn Patel
Keeper needs to improve....not doing anything at the back, giving away silly goals.

Oscar Keen
Defenders dreaming ah? What they are doing

Football World HD
Goalkeeper is so poooooooor n also indian team we hv to improve player for our national

Oscar Keen
That first goal was full Amrinders fault, why set up a left wall and then take a step towards left

Edward S
It's not for India this time unfortunately neither cricket nor football. Guess they should focus on cricket alone and leave football aside.

Oscar Keen
Indian football fans should stop fight for league. India needs some good defender & another good striker. I hope we already got players for other position only for ISL.Two league system is OK.New players have to prove themself in I league after that they will get chance in ISL.Indian coach will follow only ISL for selection & ISL club will follow I league. Now we need good players for this position not emotion for club.

Edward S
This is sad. All the goals scored were easy ones, maybe except for the FK. It could all have been prevented with little more concentration and determination. It looks like we just gave the game away!

Finn Patel
To play from the back and attacking football.A team needs to have solid defence.Only then midfielders and forwards can play freely trusting their defence.And also tracking back is must.Still takes time.Lets trust in Igor Stimac.

Finn Patel
#1 Backpasses to goalkeeper
#2 Midfielders lose ball easily
#3 No good touches frm players
#4 No close play
#5 Inaccurate long passes
#6 Predictable play
#7 Bad interception
#8 Wrong passes
#9 Afraid to posses ball

Sports GOAT
HORRIBLE TERRIBLE performance under the new coach... This team has forgotten the basics of playing football for 90mins....

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Money Maker
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Edward S
Indian football team should go for selling pani puri😂😂😂Still they needed to convert few cricket stadium to football stadium

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