David Abraham and Christian Streich come to blows…

Eintracht Frankfurt captain David Abraham knocks down Christian Streich who is the coach of Freiburg. Sport-Club Freiburg plays in the Bundesliga, having been promoted as champions from the 2. Bundesliga in 2016. Abraham was sent off for flooring Christian Streich resulting a chaotic end and red cards to their Bundesliga game on Sunday.

Freiburg was leading 1-0 and on that very moment the ball went out of play in injury time. Abraham tried to rebound it and Streich had let the ball go by. Abraham hustled Streich with a shoulder as he ran by. Freiburg players and staff became distressed following this and started to chase the defender on to the field.
A yellow card was shown to Freiburg assistant coach, Florian Bruns and Vincenzo Grifo, who had been substituted, was shown red card after video assistant referee picked him up condemning Abraham in the breach of peace.

Abraham had to eat humble pie after being sent off for punching as Streich said Abraham expressed regret afterwards and the issue is deemed and reckoned to be over.
Streich said that football is a contact sport and refrained from commenting further by declaring not to have any silly talk about the entire incident. Some of his words regarding the brawl were, “At 54 you can be run over by a young buffalo; you can’t hold yourself against it anymore.”

Freiburg won 1-0 and Nils Petersen’s 77th-minute goal was all that the team needed.

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