Greenwood shines as Manchester United stole the show

Greenwood becomes second to none...

Greenwood chalks up another victory over Partizan Belgrade and Manchester United triumphs in the Europa League on Thursday. The confident and cogent 3-0 win has helped the Red Devils assert ten points from their first four games in Europe this season. They not only scored five goals but also proved to be the team which did not cave in to the other competitors in the entire game as yet.

Greenwood is one eighteen year old lad who opened the scoring at Old Trafford before setting up Anthony Martial for the Red Devils' second in the 33rd and that too in the 21st minute. He is the youngest stripling to have both scored and assisted in a European game attaining both the feathers in his cap, as a goal and as an assist.
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Greenwood bagged the winner against Astana in September by striking twice in the Europa League.

On the other side Rashford expressed himself with a radiant smile on watching his side’s attack spring into action and emerging unlike the last two Europa League games where he just took care of one shot on target. Rashford missed a few chances but he made sure to score in the second half. The first missed chance was on being picked out by Aaron Wan-Bissaka, unmarked, ten yards out when he put a first-time shot wide. The second was better than the former by Juan Mata’s pass.

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