Incandescent Estudiantes: Gigantic fiery lion is the new hologram in stadium reopening

Call it Los Pincharratas (The Rat Stabbers) or El León (The Lion), Estudiantes de La Plata, Estudiantes de La Plata has been one name synonymous to be the inaugural team outside the traditional "big five" to win a professional league title. The club has reopened its stadium with a hologram and not much to a surprise the hologram is one flamboyant, blazing lion. The flare of the colossal flaming lion leaping across the roof of a football ground was worth a vision. Onlookers were astonished. The dazzling leonine hologram heralded the reopening of the club’s new stadium.

The eye-catching lion springs into motion out of the firmament and prances along the roof before leaping onto the pitch. It does not end like this…the lion in flames has more to show. It roars in front of all the spectators who have fore gathered to witness the delightful show.

Holographic imagery is the latest in trend and Estudiantes' stadium has displayed such a picturesque show. Holograms were used earlier this year by Esports' League of Legends World Championship in their opening ceremony.

The renovated Jorge Luis Hirshi Stadium had been closed since 2005. A friendly was played between Estudiantes club legends celebrating the reopening officially.
A griffin might come to pay you a visit in your dreams if you have beheld such a wondrous view. No wonder why kingship is bestowed on this wild cat – Lions.

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