The day to remember

Come rain or shine must have been the slogan for Liverpool when they trounced Manchester City and won the Premier League title for the first time in thirty long years. The 3-1 win crowned Liverpool as the champion when the team cut the mustard and amounted to the English top-flight record of 11 wins and a draw after 12 matches which they had achieved the last time on winning the league in 1990.

Manchester City was dazed by two goals in seven first-half minutes and was again startled by Liverpool’s unfading counter-attacks. City was seen to have stopped playing, Sergio Aguero did that when the ball rebounded aoff the Liverpool penalty area. At first Bernardo Silva was halted by Dejan Lovren with the ball ricocheted off the City forward’s hand from point-blank range. And then it went on to fly to strike Trent Alexander-Arnold’s arm apart from his body.Embed from Getty Images

City tried to amend the game for which they invited Liverpool for a counter and it came to light as a bad idea. The first half was about to end and Liverpool had a chance to point to their own openings. Georginio Wijnaldum was close with sudden swerves and diverged effort. Not only did Roberto Firmino work Bravo after a storming Alexander-Arnold run but also did Salah unfurl and extend the goalkeeper. City bent over backwards, with Sterling emerging dangerous every now and then, but Liverpool had sealed their own fate and City knew that the ship had already sailed.Embed from Getty ImagesEmbed from Getty Images


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