What did Miners captain Taison swear on a stack of Bibles???

Taison Barcellos Freda, or simply Taison, who plays as a midfielder for Shakhtar Donetsk has pledged never to keep his thoughts remain unvoiced in the future if confronted with any diabolical and detestable act. This reaction came from him after an avowed racist swore a blue streak during his team’s ongoing match against Dynamo Kyiv.

Taison flipped up his middle finger and punted the football at visiting fans for which the referee sent him off without giving any explanation.  He got a red card but the rules are set up in such a way that the referee had little choice. Following a foul against Taison, jibes at him hurled by some his fans in the Metalist Stadium.
With a heavy heart Taison has resorted to Instagram to purvey his expressions and pronouncements. He was reduced to tears because of the defenselessness and vulnerability he faced for not being able to act at that very moment. He is a fighter as always and a personality whom the prejudiced elements can never threaten by merely dragging him through the mud. It is evident that he took umbrage at the racist remarks and said in very clear words that his tears were of “…indignation, repudiation and helplessness…”

It is a sad state of affairs that racism remains a major problem even today and we are yet to wipe this odious element off the face of earth.

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